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What we do with carriers:

The GreenLabs Recycling team retrieves can carriers from various brewery and liquor businesses around the state and transports that material back to our facility in Concord, MA for processing and repurposing. Our mission is to divert these plastic carriers from ending up in landfills or incinerators by turning recycled can carriers into new products. At GreenLabs Recycling we believe that by keeping recycling local, we can make it effective both in terms of cost and more importantly in terms of improving sustainability.

Beginning in Spring 2021, GreenLabs Recycling has been working with the Massachusetts Brewers Guild, MassBrewBros and EcoFriendlyBeer in an effort to recycle #2 HDPE can carriers that are commonly used among craft beer brewers.

These can-carriers are not able to be recycled by single-stream sorting facilities due to their small, thin size and light weight.

Many breweries, liquor stores and restaurants across the state are accepting these can-carriers for reuse or recycling. Click on a specific location to see what happens to the carriers that are dropped off there!

Map courtesy of MassBrewBros

Want to have your brewery, restaurant or liquor store involved as a collection site or participating in the recycling program? Fill out the contact form on our homepage!

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