What areas do you serve?

Our current service area includes most cities in the Greater Boston area, including Beverly, Boston, Cambridge, Danvers, Medford, Natick, Somerville, Waltham, and Watertown. If your business is located here, reach out to us!

If you are outside this area, we are working on expanding, so keep checking in, and send us a message if you want to have our services where you are located!


Can I mail you my pipette tip boxes?

At this time we are not accepting mail-ins of lab plastic material. Look out for our upcoming can carrier mail-in program for those outside of our normal collections sphere. For potential clients who are too far for us to pickup from regularly, soon you will be able to mail in your own collection of can carriers for recycling at our facility in Concord, MA.


Do you have a drop-off location?

Right now we can only accept pipette tip boxes and lab plastic material if we pick it up directly from your facility. This is for liability reasons to protect our team members who interact directly with the plastic.


Do you collect more than just pipette tip boxes?

Yes! In addition to all brands of pipette tip boxes and their wafers, we also accept other clean #5 polypropylene lab materials such as conical tube racks.

You can also put clean #1 polyethylene terephthalate (PET) lab plastic such as media bottles into our boxes.

If you don't know whether your plastic object is #1 or #5, look at the bottom of the object for the resin code. This is the number located inside of the triangle that is printed on most plastic objects.

All material must be clean and dry. Media bottles must be rinsed out before going in our boxes.