Meet the team

David received his PhD from Brandeis University in 2018 soon after co-founding GreenLabs Recycling. When not collecting plastic, he is a postdoc at MIT studying how cancers arise.


David Waterman, PhD., 

Operations and Sales

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Zach received his PhD in neuroscience from Brandeis in 2018. He joined the team during his postdoc at the Whitehead Institute, and now works in pharma as a medical writer.

Zack Knecht, PhD.,


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Brenda received her PhD from Brandeis University in 2019 and uses her expertise in molecular biology and operations management as a life science consultant.

Brenda Lemos

Brenda Lemos, PhD.,


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Serena is a graduate of Tufts University with a BS in Environmental Studies.

Serena Monteiro,
Business Development and Operations

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Gretchen has dedicated her career to advocating for sustainability.  She is the President of the Board at MassRecycle  and can be found spreading awareness all over Massachusetts.

Gretchen Carey

Gretchen Carey,

Processing and Outreach

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Nick is a Junior at Merrimack College, where he studies Environmental Sciences

Nick is a graduate of Merrimack College where he received a BA Environmental Science.

Nick Conley,
Business Development and Operations

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Zack Knecht, PhD- Co-Founder/