• Ryan Williams

Spare-It: A Renewable Firm!

Updated: Jun 26

In today's business environment, companies have taken on new roles as community leaders. With this new identity comes a larger responsibility to practice sustainable waste management. Luckily, if you own or operate a business and are struggling to outline a plan for sustainability, Spare-it is here to help you!

Spare-it is a company based out of Somerville, MA that helps firms audit their waste, and build a plan to become more sustainable going forward.

Through data-driven employee engagement, Spare-it is able to create a unique plan for any firm looking to become more eco-efficient. Spare-it also won the “Most Investable Startup” award at the 2020 Angel Capital Association Summit in May and is currently opening a SEED round for funding. Spare-it is even planning for safety centric business practices in a post-COVID work environment. These plans will allow them to practice business without the worry of spread from the virus, putting employee safety first. To date, Spare-it has helped their clients save over 58,000lbs of waste, with the potential to save much more going forward! If you’re interested in their services- or even just in learning more about what the company is about check out their website:


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