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Sustainability Highlight Series - Spare-It

The GreenLabs Recycling Sustainability Highlight is a recurring series that features Massachusetts businesses with sustainability-focused missions. Follow GreenLabs Recycling’s LinkedIn and Twitter to be notified of new posts. Please reach out to us at if you have ideas for other local, sustainably-minded businesses that you think should be featured.

Driven by the belief that live data collection and visualization are the most effective ways to inspire waste reduction, Spare-It’s mission is to help businesses, universities, and their owners reduce waste. The dedicated Spare-It team works closely with each of their partners to equip every facility with their specialized weight tracking sensors. These one-of-a-kind scales are placed underneath every trash, recycling, and compost bin in a building.

Spare-it scales deployed under various waste containers.

Using the information from these weight sensors, the Spare-It SaaS Platform records and reports waste information in real-time and displays live aggregated data in their app’s dashboard. The visualization displays each companies’ unique data and lets them compare their rates of waste generation to the average and lowest rates of generation at similarly-sized businesses. Customers can track how their waste habits change on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

The live data tracker and other statistics presented on Spare-It’s impact as seen on their website.

Data tracking is just one aspect of the Spare-It experience. Community engagement is crucial to the success of Spare-It’s mission and their team places emphasis on fostering a culture of sustainability within their partner organizations. Spare-It helps businesses improve the quality of their recycling and compost streams, provides waste-education training, and engages the employee community through games, educational interactive activities and competitions.

The Spare-It set up being used by an employee. Photo courtesy of Laurent Canneva.

After two successful years building a unique solution, validating its approach with various types of customers (biotech companies, coworking spaces, universities and building owners), and winning the “Most Investable Startup” award at the 2020 Angel Capital Association (ACA) Summit in May 2020, Spare-It is currently opening a SEED round for new investors. Check out their website for more details, contact information and a live impact tracker which estimates the amount of trash avoided by customers using Spare-It scales.

Follow Spare-It on Twitter, Linked In, Facebook and Instagram to track their progress towards a less wasteful and more sustainable tomorrow!

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