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What We've Been up To!

Over the past several months, GreenLabs Recycling has proudly had the opportunity to scale-up its operations by hiring more staff, onboarding new clients, adding an additional city (Woburn!) to our collections route, and more recycled plastic kept out of the waste stream! In order to meet our goal of recycling as much lab plastic as possible, we have expanded our team by hiring an additional full-time Sustainability Associate and two part-time Sustainability Associates to keep operations running smoothly. With our new team members, we are able to better service our clients with plastic collections and process the recycling at a faster rate in our own facility.

In addition to our life science clients, our growing list of accounts now proudly includes brewery businesses as we are now collecting and recycling can carriers commonly used among craft beer brewers. These plastic can carriers are made up of #2 HDPE, which is typically easily recyclable, but due to the small, thin size and light weight of the can carriers they are not able to be recycled by single-stream sorting facilities. We have partnered with breweries and liquor stores around the state to collect and recycle these can carriers and keep them out of landfills and the environment. Read more about our efforts in this recycling initiative here.

HDPE Can Carriers

Look out for our upcoming can carrier mail-in program for those outside of our normal collections sphere. For potential clients who are too far for us to pickup from regularly, soon you will be able to mail in your own collection of can carriers for recycling at our facility in Concord, MA. Just purchase a can carrier recycling box from our online store, fill the box with can carriers, and mail back to our facility for recycling. With your help we can work together to keep these plastic can carriers from ending up in landfills, clogging single-stream recycling facilities, or ending up as pollution in the environment. For questions about our can carrier mail-in initiative, please contact us through our website form or email us directly at

Prototype of our upcoming can carrier recycling box

GreenLabs Recycling is also working towards closed-loop recycling by using our own recycled material to manufacture our own product. We are currently working with local plastic manufacturers to research and develop a new and exciting product to come! Be sure to be on the lookout for any updates! As this summer comes to a close, we are excited to continue expanding our recycling efforts in all directions and providing updates as our company grows.

Polypropylene granules recycled at our GreenLabs Recycling facility